Monday’s Cooked Meat – Weiner Holds Press Conference: Admits to Lying About Internet Photos – Breitbart Crashes Press Conference!

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) will hold a press conference at 4:00 PM EST.


WOW- Breitbart Crashes Press Conference!
Breitbart says he was in NYC for his book promotion and heard about the announcement of the press conference. Breitbart went over to the hotel and the press asked him to take the podium to answer questions. Breitbart says he has an explicit photograph that he will publish unless he receives an apology from Weiner for allowing the meme to propagate that he (Breitbart) was responsible for hacking into Weiner’s account and sending the photograph of his crotch.

A tearful Weiner takes the podium and admits to everything. He is NOT resigning. He apologized to his wife. Said he did a “very dumb thing”. He “accepts responsibility for this shameful thing.”


His wife, Huma, is NOT present.

Weiner just apologized to Breitbart. The press asked Weiner where his wife was. He replied, “She’s not here.”

Weiner says that he doesn’t believe he did anything illegal. He swears he has never had sex outside his marriage. Says he is not on drugs. That he just did stupid things and then lied about it.

The press asked him about his interactions with underage girls. Weiner claims that to the best of his knowledge all the females were adults.

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