Mark Levin Defends Sarah Palin: “I’m Sick & Tired of These Smears By Krauthammer Against Her”

Conservative radio host and top-selling author Mark Levin defended Sarah Palin from the latest attacks by Washington elitist Charles Krauthammer.
“I’m getting sick and tired of these smears by Krauthammer against her.”

Krauthammer mocked Sarah Palin again last night on Special Report.
He said it “wasn’t her turn.”

The Daily Caller reported:


It seems an American Thinker article by Tom Rowan has inspired quite the backlash against Fox News contributor and syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer. Earlier in the day, it was Rush Limbaugh. However, Limbaugh’s late-afternoon colleague on the airwaves Mark Levin weighed in as well.

The article, which takes on the respect and influence Krauthammer has earned from many on the right, was the focus of a segment on Levin’s Thursday night show. Levin’s particular criticism was Krauthammer’s stance on former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who he says isn’t “schooled” on enough issues for his taste.

“[I] raised this the other day myself and I actually raised it a few weeks ago – these attacks on conservative candidates, these attacks on Sarah Palin – particularly coming from the ‘All-Star Panel’ on Fox,” Levin said. “Great admiration for Fox, great admiration – many of my friends work there. But this isn’t about Fox. This is about some of the folks there. … The gentleman points out that Charles Krauthammer who is extremely thoughtful and measured in his words, even-tempered and so forth is all but that when it comes to Sarah Palin and very few of his arguments are substantive.”

However, Levin asked where she is wrong on the issues.

“Maybe there is one or two, but off the top of my head, I can’t think of any significant issue where Palin is not a conservative and where I disagree with her,” Levin said. “Can you?”

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