LITTLE PIPER PALIN Protects Her Mother, Shoulder-Checks Reporter (Video)

Little Piper Palin protected her mother yesterday from the swarm of reporters following the family.
Nice shoulder-check, little Piper!
Perez TV reported:

It looks like Piper has a little bit of her mother’s spunk.

Sarah Palin later told reporters that Piper was sorry for her actions.
My Fox Philly reported:

Palin took a moment while talking to the press Wednesday to hand out flowers and say her daughter, Piper, is sorry for pushing a photographer.

Palin may have been referring to some of what was caught by cameras during the former Alaska governor and vice-presidential runningmate’s quick “One Nation” tour visit Tuesday to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

Piper, 10, could be seen putting her body in front of a reporter trying to interview her mother in one clip captured by Fox 29’s Chris O’Connell.

Later, as a large swarm of media surrounded a walking and talking Palin, Piper could be seen lifting into the air microphones held toward her mother.

Then, as the family prepared to climb into an SUV, Piper pushed away another reporter’s microphone and said “thank you” to try and stop questions of her mom, who was still answering questions.

Here’s the apology video:


Palin: Piper Sorry For Pushing Photog:

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