Lib Hero Jon Stewart Cracks Sick Racist Joke About Herman Cain – Media Yawns (Video) …Update: Cain Responds

Leftist media hero Jon Stewart thinks its funny to mock a black man for “being stupid.”
Stewart mocked Herman Cain in an “Amos and Andy” voice and posted this sick picture of Cain on his television show this week.

Jon Stewart joked, “Herman Cain 2012 – I don’t like to read.”

Larry Elder was not amused with Jon Stewart’s racially-charged joke on Cain.
Via FOX Nation:

Juan Williams added: Hannity would have been fired for doing an “Amos and Andy” voice like Jon Stewart.
It sure is a good thing that Stewart is a racist democrat, huh?


UPDATE: Herman Cain told Sean Hannity that Stewart attacked him – “Because I’m black.”

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