King of Jordan’s Motorcade Attacked By Mob in Tafila

Arab Spring.
The King of Jordan’s motorcade came under attack in the southern town of Tafila today. A mob of radicals threw bottles and stones at the Jordanian leader’s motorcade.
FOX News reported:

A Jordanian security official says the motorcade of King Abdullah II has been attacked with empty bottles and stones during a visit to a southern town. The king escaped unharmed.

The attack came Monday hours after Abdullah bowed to popular demands for electing a prime minister from a parliamentary majority, replacing the current method of appointing the Cabinet.

The security official said the king was not hurt.


He said a crowd of young people attacked the motorcade twice in two different areas in Tafila,125 miles south of the Jordanian capital.

Abdullah was on a fact-finding trip to inspect infrastructure projects and hear his subjects’ demands.

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