It Begins. St. Louis Man Arrested For Flipping the Bird in Traffic (Video)

A St. Louis area driver is fighting a ticket he received last week for giving another driver the one-finger salute.
The Florrisant man says the ticket violates his right to free speech.

KMOV reported:

A Florissant man is fighting a ticket he got for giving the middle finger to another driver in Ballwin.

According to KMOX Radio, the man said that he gave the finger to a driver who blocked an intersection when he had a green light.

The man is fighting the ticket based on a similar case in Pittsburgh. That ticket was thrown out as a violation of free speech.

In Ballwin, drivers are allowed to extend a hand or arm from a window for signaling purposes, and the driver says that is exactly what he did.

For the record… The driver is a friend of a friend of mine. He’s a successful engineer in St. Louis… And he likes to flip off ignorant drivers.

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