Islamo-Leftists on Gaza Flotilla II Are Planning “Surprises for IDF”, Stocking Chemicals & Plan to Kill Israeli Soldiers

Last year Barack Obama’s good friend Rashid Khalidi raised cash for a ship named “The Audacity of Hope” to smash through the Gaza Blockade. After months of fundraising his group finally raised enough cash for the mission.  The Obama-inspired ship set out to join this year’s Gaza-bound “Freedom Flotilla 2.”

The passengers of the “Audacity of Hope” will join other Islamists and Leftists in Gaza Flotilla II.

Dozens of American leftists are sailing in the Gaza Flotilla II.

They will sail on the “Audacity of Hope” ship. (UStoGaza)

Israeli news reported that the Islamo-leftists traveling on the Gaza Flotilla II are planning surprises for the IDF and plan on killing many Israeli soldiers.
YNet News reported:

Army info suggests radical elements equipping some vessels talking part in sail with bags containing chemicals, most likely sulfur, to use against soldiers taking over vessels…

Military elements monitoring the Gaza flotilla said that radical elements taking part in the sail have said they were planning “surprises for the IDF” and plan to kill many soldiers.

The information suggests that radicals are planning to equip some of the vessels with bags containing chemicals, possibly sulfur, which they will use against soldiers who may try to take over the ships.

It has recently been estimated that only eight ships will take part in the sail, instead of 15. Some 500 activists are expected to board the vessels, half the original estimated number. They will include several prominent Hamas members such as Amin Abu Rashad, who heads a charity in Holland and Mohammed Ahmed Hanoun.

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