Illinois Democrat Slugs Republican on Senate Floor

Mike Jacobs, Kyle McCarter Fight on Illinois Senate Floor Over Apparent Conflict of Interest:

An Illinois Democrat reportedly slugged a Republican colleague on the senate floor today.
FOX Chicago reported, via Quincy News:

State Sen. Mike Jacobs (D-Quad Cities, Ill.) looked into our FOX Chicago News camera and declared, “Sen. McCarter is full of (bleep!)”

Jacobs added that Sen. Kyle McCarter (R-Lebanon, Ill.) was “someone who couldn’t even really polish my shoes.”

Jacobs was infuriated that McCarter had accused Jacobs and his father of a conflict of interest on a controversial measure Gov. Quinn has threatened to veto.

Jacobs was chief sponsor of the utility-backed Smart Grid bill. It included an electric utility rate increase worth tens of millions of dollars to Com Ed. Among Com Ed’s army of Springfield lobbyists: former state Sen. Denny Jacobs, father of Sen. Mike Jacobs.

Critics complain that the bill would guarantee rate increases through at least 2014 for Illinois utilities.

Despite the charge by McCarter, the senate approved the Smart Grid bill, sending it to Quinn’s desk.

After that vote, witnesses said there was a physical confrontation between Jacobs and McCarter on the senate floor. The chamber was in recess and reporters had left to attend a news conference by Senate President John Cullerton.

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