Horrible… Visiting Marines Stabbed and Attacked in St. Louis during Marine Week

One visiting Marine was stabbed and another was struck in the back of the head during Marine Week in St. Louis.
KSDK reported:

Detectives with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department are investigating an apparent attack on Marines visiting for Marine Week.

The attack happened around 2:30 a.m. Monday at 14th and Chestnut streets, not far from where many of the Marine Week attractions are located.

Police said the victims told them the suspects approached and tried to sell them items. The victims declined, leading to the attack.

The victims told police a knife was taken from one of the Marines and another Marine was poked with it. The victim was taken to a hospital in fair condition.

Money from a Marine’s wallet was also taken.

The Marines released a differing account of the attack on Wednesday afternoon.

The Marines said two Marines were returning to their hotel room when a person approached them and tried to sell them a necklace. The initial individual followed them and approached them again in an attempt to sell the jewelry. One Marine faced this individual and asked to be left alone. This Marine turned back around to continue walking and was struck on the back of his head.

The Marines said a second individual approached simultaneously; demanded the Marines hand over their wallets and any money, and assaulted a second Marine.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch said the Marine was “poked” and not stabbed.

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