Holder OK’s CIA Abu Ghraib Naked Pyramid War Crimes Probe

This loon is getting annoying…
Obama’s nutty far left Attorney General Eric Holder is going to launch an investigation into Abu Ghraid – the most contemptible human rights revelation of our time. (At least, it is according to the America-haters on the left.)

Finally, we may get to the bottom of the naked pyramid.

(Pacific News)

The Politico reported, via FOX Nation:


A federal prosecutor has launched a secret grand jury to investigate possible CIA war crimes at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, Time magazine reported.

Federal prosecutor John Durham, who was first appointed to probe the destruction of CIA interrogation videotapes by Attorney General Michael Mukasey in 2008, is now working on an expanded probe authorized by the Obama Justice Department that includes cases of alleged abuse of terror suspects in U.S. custody.

Time reported on Monday that one Durham-issued subpoena said the federal grand jury “is conducting an investigation of possible violations of federal criminal laws involving War Crimes (18 USC/2441), Torture (18 USC 243OA) and related federal offenses.”

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