Gov. Rick Perry Writes Holder, Urges Him to Prosecute US Gaza Flotilla II Members

Last year Barack Obama’s good friend Rashid Khalidi raised cash for a ship named “The Audacity of Hope” to smash through the Gaza Blockade. After months of fundraising his group finally raised enough cash for the mission. The Obama-inspired ship set out to join this year’s Gaza-bound “Freedom Flotilla 2.”

The passengers of the “Audacity of Hope” will join other Islamists and Leftists in Gaza Flotilla II.

This week Texas Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) wrote Attorney General Eric Holder urging him to prosecute any Americans who may elect to engage in the illegal Islamo-leftist flotilla.
Texas Tribune reported:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, considering a run for the White House, is wading into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Perry sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder this week calling plans by pro-Palestinian activists to protest and potentially disrupt Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza an “unacceptable provocation.” An international group of activists opposed to the restrictions have announced plans to launch a flotilla this week to protest the naval blockade.

The letter, dated June 28, underscores the widening reach of Perry’s interest in national and international affairs.

“As an American citizen and governor of one of its largest states, I write to applaud your recent efforts to warn and discourage those who have supported or plan to support a flotilla intended to interfere with Israel’s maritime blockade of the Gaza Strip,” Perry wrote. “I write to encourage you to aggressively pursue all available legal remedies to enjoin and prevent these illegal actions, and to prosecute any who may elect to engage in them in spite of your preemptive efforts.”

Perry made note of media reports suggesting that “violent anti-Israel organizations” are planning to disrupt Israel’s naval blockade “as early as this week.” Israel says its blockade of Gaza is aimed at stopping weapons from being smuggled into the terriotry. Flotilla organizers say they want Israel to lift restrictions on the movement of people and goods into Gaza. When a flotilla challenged the maritime blockade a little over a year ago, Israeli commandos boarded one of the ships and killed nine people in a controversial operation after they said they ran into resistance from the pro-Palestinian activists.

Right on.
Stick it to em, Rick.

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