Gov. Rick Perry Fires Up Missouri Republicans at Peter Kinder Fundraiser

I attended the fundraiser tonight for Missouri gubernatorial candidate Peter Kinder in St. Louis County. As you may know, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder brought a lawsuit against Obamacare last year. Over 70% of Missouri voters approved of Kinder’s anti-Obamacare legislation.

Is Rick The One???

Rock star Governor Rick Perry gave a great speech tonight in St. Louis.

Governor Perry offered a tip to Missouri voters – get rid of your state personal income tax and then you can compete with Texas.


Governor Rick Perry gave a brief speech and took a few pictures before dinner.

Peter Kinder, Ann Wagner, myself and Governor Rick Perry

Congressional candidate Ann Wagner and Missouri state representative Paul Curtman after Governor Perry’s speech.

Dana Loesch, gubernatorial candidate Peter Kinder, and myself after the speech tonight.

GOP candidate Ann Wagner and husband Ray Wagner at the Kinder fundraiser.

Great night. Great speech by Gov Rick Perry. Dana Loesch and husband Chris were there to support Peter Kinder.

David Limbaugh came out for the Kinder fundraiser with Governor Perry.

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