Ginger Lee Makes Bank – Weiner’s Tweet-Heart Sells Out in Atlanta

Former porn star Ginger Lee is making bank since Weinergate broke. The stripper has sold out in Atlanta even though she’s charging three times her normal rate.
FOX News Entertainment reported:

Congressman Anthony Weiner’s career may be down the tubes, but one of his sexting partner’s is on the rise.

Ginger Lee, a self-described “featured performer” is baring all to a packed house at the Pink Pony strip club in Atlanta, GA tonight—at three times her normal rate.

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“Everyone is excited for Ginger Lee to perform here,” a source at the Pink Pony tells “We’ve been getting a ton of calls—the phone’s been ringing off the hook!”

Experts in the porn industry say that Lee, formerly a little known performer, now has a chance to make bank.

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