Far Left Crank Tommy Christopher: Posting Photos of Underage Girls on the Internet Is Off Limits… Unless She’s a Palin

Left-wing crank Tommy Christopher (Fishbowl)

Well, I’ve faced a lot of nasty attacks from the left for my blogging over the years but this takes the cake. Far left crank Tommy Christopher, a writer at Mediaite website, attacked me this week for posting photos of Weiner’s tweet-hearts online For the record, the photos were already posted in Weiner’s twitter account, I just grouped them together in one post.
Here is what Christopher wrote today at Mediaite.

Right-wing blogger Jim Hoft, also known as Gateway Pundit, posted a list of young, female, mutual follows with Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter feed several days ago, ostensibly to express “concern” over the pattern, but his description of “Pages of Young Luscious Fans,” and his presentation of large photos of the girls, made it seem more like an exercise in exploitation. His inclusion of the young women’s Twitter links seemed more like an invitation to harassment. Whatever alleged “news value” this information had could have been preserved with a more responsible presentation, but sex sells, right?

At least one of the girls (Hoft doesn’t say whether he bothered to check the others) was an underage girl who had already been harassed off of Twitter by the same clique that first “discovered” the controversial tweet from Rep. Weiner last Friday night. Hoft acknowledges this, but still splashes the 17 year-old’s photo and Twitter id all over his page. Remeber, “luscious” is his description.

What trash.
Let me be clear on a few points.
1.) After I posted the list of Weiner’s tweet-hearts last week the story was later covered by several mainstream media outlets including The Daily Mail and The New York Post — with pictures.
2.) The twitter information is open to the public on Weiner’s twitter page. It’s already right there for all to see. I didn’t dig anything up, it’s right there on his twitter page.
3.) If Tommy Christopher has a problem looking at “large” photos of women on the internet that would be his issue, not mine.
4.) Also, I never acknowledged that the young teenager who Weiner follows had been harassed. That’s a lie.
5.) I never told anyone to harass any of these young women. That is another lie.


Finally, here’s a question for Tommy…
If posting pictures of young girls on the internet is so offensive then why did you splash a “big” photo of Willow Palin in one of your recent posts?

Just wondering.
Maybe it’s OK because she’s a Palin, huh Tommy?
Please, give it a rest, Christopher.

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