Director Stephen K. Bannon on Making “The Undefeated” Sarah Palin Documentary – “I Didn’t Make This For the Palin-istas” (Audio)

Producer, director and writer Stephen Bannon discussed his latest documentary on Sarah Palin “The Undefeated” with me this week. Stephen told me he did not make this movie for the “Palin-istas” but rather for the Americans who formed their opinion of Sarah Palin through state-run media outlets and Saturday Night Live skits. The movie tells the story of how Sarah Palin rose from nowhere to become America’s most popular governor.

Stephen also announced during the interview that the movie would play in St. Louis this summer.
This was a great interview.

The film will launch in markets such as Dallas, Denver, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Atlanta, Orange County, Phoenix, Houston, Indianapolis, and Kansas City starting on July 15. n addition to the cities in which the movie is expected to launch, the public also will be encouraged to vote on future theatre locations that may screen The Undefeated. Voting takes place at

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