CRAZY Lib Fantasy Polling: Obama Wins Texas and Alaska

Worst. President. Ever.
Here’s the biggest joke of the week.
Two recent polls show failed President Obama ahead in Texas and Alaska.

“Cowboys need to share the wealth.”

Libs are hoping cowboy socialist Obama will take Texas. (Head Muscle)

Hays Research poll claims that Obama would beat Sarah Palin in Alaska.
The LA Times reported:


President Obama holds a lead over former Gov. Sarah Palin in a hypothetical head-to-head presidential race, according to a Hays Research poll of likely voters in Alaska.

The poll found that Obama leads Palin by a solid nine points, 34% to 25% , among voters who expressed a strong preference. Among those with a not-so-strong preference, Obama and Palin each received 6% .

Including those who said they leaned to one or the other candidate, Obama led by 42% to 36% overall, the poll found. About 16% said they were undecided, and 7% preferred another candidate.

Far left Obama lost Alaska in 2008 by more than 20 points.

And, the far left PPP polling outfit today claims that failed President Obama would beat Governor Rick Perry in Texas.
TPM reported:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has reportedly been eyeing the race for the Republican presidential nomination — but Texas isn’t eyeing him for president, according to new survey from Public Policy Polling (D).

Indeed, the poll shows Perry trailing President Obama in heavily Republican Texas, which last voted Democratic for president in 1976, when Jimmy Carter was the South’s favorite son. Obama leads 47% -45% , even though Obama’s net approval rating is underwater at 42% -55% . Of course, this could potentially change if Perry actually became the nominee in a real election, but it’s not a good starting point.

Obama lost Texas in 2008 by 12 points before we knew he was a radical business-hating socialist.

Dream on, liberal cranks.
Dream on.

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