Crazy Bill Maher: Cheney More Psychotic Than Weiner Because He Shot Birds

Left-wing darling Bill Maher told CNN’s Anderson Cooper last night that Cheney was worse than penis-tweeting liar Anthony Weiner because Cheney hunted birds.
NewsBusters reported:

NewsBusters transcript:

COOPER: Do you think he [Anthony Weiner] should resign?

MAHER: At this point, yes. Not because I think he did anything so incredibly awful. I mean, Dick Cheney used to go out and shoot birds by the hundreds that were like in a cage. To me, that’s a lot more psychotic than anything Anthony Weiner ever did. But the point is this is America. We have to live in reality.

COOPER: Dick Cheney wasn’t shooting birds in a cage. He was hunting.

MAHER: He was not hunting, Anderson. There’s a difference between hunting which, I’m not a big fan of either, and when you go out into this controlled situation where they — I forget what they do to the birds but they do something where they can’t fly. It’s the equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel. And yes, look it up. That’s what he did. He shot and killed an incredible number of birds for absolutely no reason than a blood lust.

It’s just like a leftist to compare Weiner’s disgusting lies and predatory internet behavior to hunting farmed game birds.
These people have no morals.

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