Obama Impersonator Cracks Black & Mormon Jokes at Republican Leadership Conference

Comedian Reggie Brown cracked black and Mormon jokes at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans before he was pulled from the stage.

Brown says in this video that he’s been an Obama fan for a long time.

The Politico reported:

A comedian impersonating President Obama made racially tinged jokes Saturday at the Republican Leadership Conference before being pulled off the stage by an event organizer.

The Obama impersonator, Reggie Brown, said that while the First Lady celebrated all of Black History Month, the bi-racial president only celebrated half the month.
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Brown also said: “My mother loved a black man, and she was not a Kardashian.”

Flashing a picture on the screen of Fred Sanford of “Sanford and Son” fame, the comedian said that’s what Obama would look like when he got older.

Brown didn’t just limit his jokes to Obama, though. He also mocked Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith, ridiculed Newt Gingrich’s faltering campaign and suggested Tim Pawlenty needed a spinal transplant.

As Brown was preparing to make a Michele Bachmann joke, one of the conference’s officials came out to the lectern and told the comedian to leave the stage.

At least they pulled him from the stage.

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