Cedar Falls, IA Passes Law Forcing Residents to Turn Over Keys to Properties (Video)

The Cedar Falls city government voted to demand keys to properties belonging to local residents and property owners.

Ordinance #2740 ( An unfunded city-wide mandate) was passed with a resounding 6 to 1 vote on Monday night. It demands that citizens of Cedar Falls give the government keys to their comercial properties through universal ‘lock boxes’. The intent of the program is to provide increased safety and protection to personal, private property which include businesses, apartments and some rental houses– which by the way– comes at the expense of furthering wayward erosion of fundamental constitutional rights.

A group of residents voiced their opposition to the power grab during an open forum last night.

It didn’t matter. The city council passed the law anyway.


WCF Courier reported:

What a difference a few years and an online revolution makes.

Seven years ago the Cedar Falls City Council passed an ordinance requiring lock boxes on commercial buildings and larger apartment complexes. Hardly a soul made a peep about it.

On Monday the council voted 6-1 on a third and final reading to expand the ordinance to include more apartment buildings. In the days leading up to the vote, they received hundreds of phone calls and e-mails from people all over the country from people upset about the issue.

Some calls came in the middle of the night. Some writers threatened them and called them scumbags, or worse.

The issue had blown up on the Internet in recent days with message boards, primarily those tilting toward conservative and tea party viewpoints, spreading the story nationwide.

The council was voting to update its fire code from the 2003 International Fire Code to the 2009 version. Cedar Falls had required lock boxes since 2004 for firefighters to access keys to apartment buildings with six or more units and commercial buildings with sprinkler systems or unsupervised alarm systems. The new ordinance will also require the key boxes for apartment buildings with three or more units.

Hat Tip Ted B.

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