Black Liberals Infiltrate Right Online Looking For White-Hot Racism – Find Only Their Own

Elon James White of This Week in Blackness and Blacking It Up and Cheryl Contee (Jill Tubman) of Jack and Jill Politics infiltrated the Right Online conference masquerading as black conservatives this past weekend.

They were looking for white-hot racism, because racist liberals always assume that blacks are treated with disdain and/or disrespect by “racist” conservatives. Sadly, the only racism they found was in their own hearts.

The undercover leftists were treated with respect and kindness unlike the disgusting attacks Andrew Breitbart endured at Nutroots Nation the day before.


You have to read how they lied to get inside the conference and their experiences inside to believe it.

Here’s a sampling:


Interestingly, the Right Online speakers we saw largely avoided social conservative hot button topics such as gay marriage, Muslims in America or immigration reform, preferring to stick with the fiscal issues that motivate libertarians and younger conservatives. I found this interesting. Nevertheless as an undercover conservative, I felt chilled by these words from Jason Lewis, radio host:

“I must confess I have the heart of a liberal….
It’s in a jar on my desk back in my office!

(Big laughs!!!)

Elon and I laughed nervously, our eyes widening with panic. Elon says I grabbed my pearls and started laughing like a crazy person. This was a trick — whenever I felt scared, I just clapped harder! We honestly wondered what they would do to us if they found out who we really were. I don’t think conservatives get how that kind of language falls on minorities’ ears and spirits. I know it’s supposed to be a joke. But it sounds a little cruel and lynch-tastic.


Obama was called a communist of course. Van Jones was a popular proxy target, attractive since he was speaking at Netroots Nation later in the day.

GatewayPundit comes on stage. He says it is the 2nd most popular site in St Louis and claims to be driving left crazy!
He takes credit for exposing Obama’s green jobs czar (Van Jones) as a commie and truther.

One less communist in the white house!
He wasn’t the only one in the White House!!! I’m not naming names…

As an black person, I immediately bristle at this characterization. Maybe if I’d drunk the red kool aid, I’d be able to turn a deaf ear to this, but I just don’t think conservatives get that attacking Obama as a communist sounds a lot like the attacks on Martin Luther King calling him a communist — it’s alienating from word one and shuts down a black person who might be open to your message.

He talks about Tea Party members being attacked by union thugs incluing a black conservative he claims was attacked by SEIU. I went from feeling alienated to warming back up — I liked that GP was willing to stand up for a black man being attacked by anyone (although I’m guessing SEIU’s portrayal of what happened might differ). Note to Americans for Prosperity Foundation — that kind of language is a lot more welcome than calling the rather moderate Obama a communist.

You get the idea.
They’re so entrenched in a belief system based on victimhood that they can’t even see who the real racists are in the room.

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