Woman Who Botoxed 8 Year-Old Daughter Loses Custody of Child

The California woman who was giving botox injections to her 8 year-old daughter lost custody of her child this week.
What a sick woman.

The New York Post reiported:

The California mom who demonstrated injecting her 8-year-old daughter with Botox on a morning talk show has lost custody of her daughter, ABC News reported.

After Kerry Campbell appeared on “Good Morning America” last week talking about giving her young daughter Britney the wrinkle-erasing injectible, San Francisco’s Human Services Agency announced they were launching an investigation after receiving numerous calls from horrified viewers.

“There was a pretty big community response,” Trent Rhorer, the director of human services told the San Francisco Chronicle last week.

The investigation doesn’t necessarily mean that Campbell will lose custody of her child for a long period of time. Child welfare experts said she may be able to regain custody through meeting a variety of conditions that could include parenting class, counseling and supervised visits.

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