Westboro Cult Publishes Flyer: “Thank God for 125 Dead in Joplin” – Plan to Protest Funerals

The Westboro cult wrote on its website this week, “Thank God for 125 Dead in Joplin.” They plan on protesting at the funerals of the tornado this victims this weekend.
KSPR reported:

The controversial Westboro Baptist Church is planning to protest President Obama’s visit to Joplin, Missouri Sunday.

On its website, the church writes, “Thank God for 125 dead in Joplin.” Church members claim Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has attacked them by promoting laws banning them from protesting at soldiers’ funerals.

President Obama is planning to visit the tornado-ravaged city this Sunday. A memorial is also planned that day for the 125 people who lost their lives in the tornado.


Nixon said Wednesday that the community “must come together and seek a higher power’s assistance.” He said it was appropriate the community gather as one on Memorial Day weekend to remember those who have died in the tornado.

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