Train Passenger Feels Disrespected After She Talked 16 STRAIGHT HOURS in Quiet Car & Was Told to Shut Up (Video)

A woman who talked non-stop for 16 hours on the QUIET CAR of an Amtrak train told reporters she felt disrespected when she was asked to get off her phone.

She threatened the passengers when they told her to get off the phone.
KOMO reported:

A woman who was pulled of an Amtrak train by police after passengers complained she was speaking too loudly on a cell phone said she felt “disrespected” by the entire incident.

Lakeysha Beard of Tigard was accused of disorderly conduct after police said she got into a “verbal altercation” with train passengers on Sunday. Passengers had complained she refused to put down her cell phone. Conductors stopped the train in Salem, where police got involved.

Beard told KATU she was indeed talking on her phone, but said she didn’t understand why she had to be escorted off the train.

She made the comments during a brief phone interview. Beard declined a more extensive on-camera interview, saying she didn’t feel well.

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