TORNADO SLAMS JOPLIN, MISSOURI- At Least 89 Dead; Hospital Takes Direct Hit …Update: Amazing Video

St. Johns Hospital took a direct hit in Joplin, Missouri tonight. Hope Depot and a Walgreens were flattened.
It was a multi-vortex tornado that struck the city.

St. Louis KSDK posted this video report:

KCTV reported:

A large multi-vortex tornado hit Joplin Sunday evening and caused heavy damage as the city took a direct hit.

Several media reports said that numerous buildings along Rangeline Road, Highways 37 and 96 were demolished.

Another media report stated that St. John’s Hospital was hit directly, along with a Walgreens, Home Depot and several other locations.

There was no initial reports of if anyone was injured in the tornado.

This is a view of the main road near St. John’s Hospital – Complete devastation.


KSDK is reporting that at least 24 people are dead.

Ryan Nicholls from the Springfield-Greene County Office of Emergency Management has said at least 24 people are dead after a tornado tore through Joplin, MO around 6p.m. Saturday.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Mike Griffin has said that Joplin was directly hit by a tornado that touched down in the center of the town.

Jasper County Emergency Management Director Keith Stammer says that a tornado hit the St. John’s Regional Medical Center, where there are reports of multiple injuries.

The roofs of two city fire stations collapsed, and there are reports of other damaged businesses near the city.

UPDATE: This incredible video was taken at a convenience store when the tornado struck.
You can hear the tornado hit the building while the locals were screaming out to God for mercy.

Hat Tip Ed

UPDATE: The death toll in Joplin is now at 89. The monster tornado tore a path a mile wide and four miles long destroying homes and businesses in southern Missouri.

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