THE WHOLE FAMILY IS NUTS — Palin Stalker Admits to Rape Threats – Father & Mother Involved

The whole crazy family was threatening Sarah Palin, her parents and her daughters!

Sarah Palin obtained an emergency restraining order against 18 year-old Shawn R. Christy from Pennsylvania back in September. Earlier this year Christy traveled to Alaska.

Shawn R. Christy, right, looks over court documents Wednesday with his mother, Karen, center, and father, Craig, at the family’s home in McAdoo. (Republican Herald)

Shawn Christy admitted in court to having threatened to rape Palin.
His father AND mother were making threats, too.
The AP reported:


Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin won another round in court on Monday against a Pennsylvania teenager accused of stalking the outspoken conservative, telling a judge, “I fear for my friends’ and for my family’s safety.”

The three-hour Anchorage court hearing, with Palin and her antagonists testifying by telephone, ended with the judge renewing a previous restraining order against Shawn Christy, 19, and issuing a similar order against his father, Craig.

Shawn Christy admitted in court to having threatened to rape Palin but has denied her allegations he menaced her daughters. He also admitted sending Palin numerous e-mails and gifts, and to traveling to Anchorage earlier this year.

Craig Christy admitted to making more than two dozen early morning phone calls to Palin’s parents over a two-day period in March. He also acknowledged organizing a support group for his son to stage protests at events attended by Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, and he maintains a Facebook page with numerous anti-Palin messages.

State Superior Court Magistrate Jonathon Lack said he found the repeated telephone calls to Palin’s parents, some of them recorded and played at the hearing, to be “very disturbing.”

Lack rejected Palin’s request for a restraining order against the teen’s mother, Karen Christy, who called Palin’s parents only twice.

The wouldn’t slap a restraining order on the mother because she only made 2 threatening calls?
How many calls does it take?

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