That’s Weird… Rep. Weiner Has Not Contacted Authorities To Report Alleged Cyberattack

Well, that’s weird?
Rep. Anthony Weiner has not yet contacted authorities to report the alleged cyberattack on his twitter account.

On Friday his twitter feed included a link to a photo of a skinny white male wearing briefs while in an aroused state. The tweet was sent to a 21 year-old coed in Seattle.
Here’s her picture.

But, Rep. Weiner has not yet contacted the authorities about the alleged attack.
The Politico reported:


Rep. Anthony Weiner says social networking identity hacking is to blame for the lewd material that a conservative news website reported was sent from his Twitter and yfrog handles to an unidentified woman from Seattle, Washington.

The New York Democrat told POLITICO he thought it “obvious” that his account had been taken over, and he tweeted that his Facebook account had been hacked with the abbreviation “FB hacked.”

“The weiner gags never get old, I guess, ” the veteran lawmaker emailed a POLITICO reporter in response on Saturday.

“This evening a photo surfaced on Congressman Weiner’s yfrog account and in his verified Twitter timeline of a man in his underwear with an erection,” Publius, the handle for the site’s editors wrote. “The photo was reportedly sent to a woman on Twitter. We’ve protected her name and her account, which was at one time verified to be active but has since been deleted after the photo in question was deleted. Coincidentally, the rest of the photos in the congressman’s alleged yfrog account were also deleted around 11 p.m. eastern.” writes that the woman in question is a college student who lives in Seattle and notes that another Weiner tweet from Friday, about an upcoming appearance on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC program, made reference to when the program would air in Seattle.

Since the incident, Weiner continued to tweet.

“Thanks to all my new followers im drawing close to Bachmann. #ScrappyChasingCrazy,” he wrote at 6:35 p.m. Saturday, in the last posted tweet.

Weiner’s office — generally one of the most press friendly around — did not respond to a request for comment on whether he has contacted federal authorities to report the alleged cyber-attack, which could fall under laws prohibiting cyberhacking and impersonating federal officials.

Maybe his account wasn’t hacked after all?
No, Rep. Weiner would certainly not lie about that, would he?

More… Ace added this on Weiner:

As I say, I’m assuming all of this is legit and on the level, and that this poor man is being hacked by someone with pictures of what looks like it’s probably his boner.

How these identity-thieves and boner-bandits managed this high-level COIN operation, I don’t know. But Weiner says this is what happened, and he’s never lied before, at least that I can tell.

So for right now, I’m just assuming that Anthony Weiner is every bit as honest in his personal life as he is in his professional life, every bit as straight and true in his personal dealings as in his political posturings.

Every. Single. Bit.

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