Super-Model Cindy Crawford Campaigns For… Mitt Romney

Leggy super-model dumps Obama for Mitt.


What’s more impressive… The fact that Mitt Romney hauled in over $10 million in one day or that super-model Cindy Crawford switched from Team Obama to campaign for Mitt yesterday?
The Hill reported:

Actress and model Cindy Crawford was among the many celebrities who backed Barack Obama for president in 2008, contributing to his campaign as well as sporting a pro-Obama T-shirt.

But times have changed.

On Monday, Mitt Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom tweeted: “Cindy Crawford appears in a demonstration video at Romney call day to show people how to use ComMitt fundraising software.”

The “call day” Fehrnstrom refers to was held on Monday in Las Vegas, where about 800 Romney supporters placed telephone calls to raise money for the former Massachusetts governor.

Cindy Crawford wasn’t alone: Fehrnstrom later wrote: “Speed skater Dan Jansen at Romney call day, says Mitt ‘turned the Olympics around and he’ll turn the country around.’”

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