Steelworkers Union Official Faces Charges After Flinging Feces on Opponent’s Roof

A United Steelworkers union representative faced charges after throwing feces on an opponent’s roof and threatening to kill her.

Union leader Kim Pollock threw crap on her roof. (G&M)

The Globe and Mail reported:

A union official is facing criminal charges after allegedly threatening MLA Jenny Kwan, her husband and their children and throwing feces onto the family’s roof, according to court documents filed Friday.

Ms. Kwan has faced criticism from some B.C. New Democrats because of the prominent role she played in party leader Carole James’s forced resignation late last year.

Kim Pollock, a United Steelworkers research representative and long-time party supporter, has been charged with mischief as a result of the feces-throwing incident, which took place on April 1. He has also been charged with uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm, which were allegedly made to Ms. Kwan and her family on Dec. 1, 2010.

That’s the same day Ms. Kwan released an open letter laying out her concerns with Carole James’s leadership of the New Democrats. Ms. James announced her resignation five days later, following two months of party infighting.

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