St. Louis Facebook Group Organizes & Sends 4 Truckloads of Supplies to Joplin, Missouri

A St. Louis Facebook group was able to organize and deliver 4 semi trailer full of goods to the Joplin, Missouri tornado victims today.

St. Louis for Joplin Missouri Facebook group organized and sent 4 semis full of goods to the Joplin tornado victims today.

The semis left St. Louis this evening for Joplin, Missouri after the charity drive was organized a day earlier on Facebook. They collected 4 semi trucks full of household goods, diapers, sheets, cleaners, water, etc. for the people of Joplin.

The coordinator of the supply drive is Aaron Laxton.
News Channel 5 KSDK reported on the drive.


These photos were sent to me by one of the volunteers.

They had enough donations to fill four trailers.

Local Boy Scout Troop 62 from the St. Joan of Arc Parish volunteered to help load the trucks.

The group wants to send two more trucks to Joplin, Missouri tomorrow morning.
They are meeting at the Hampton Village Schnucks at 8 AM. Please check out the Facebook page for details in case the plans change.

More… Gary sent this:

Tiny Barry, Illinois (Pike county) population 1386 is sending a couple of truckloads too.
Radio stations KHMO Hannibal and KICK-KRRY-WLIQ Quincy are collection points

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