Proposed EPA-Backed Smart Grid Will Track CO2 Emissions & Internet Use

The proposed Smart Grid supported by the Obama Administration and the EPA will not only track your electricity use, it will allow companies and the government to track your internet use and CO2 emissions.
The P/Oed Patriot reported on the proposed plan.

The Energy Industry, and the Obama administration, claim that the Smart Grid will allow the utility company the ability to provide you, the consumer, with detailed information about the energy use of everything in your home and in turn will save you money on your energy bill by helping you adjust your energy use. Not to mention help lower carbon emissions…

…The North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB), with the cooperation of the Environmental Protection Agency, has completed Priority Action Plan 10 (PAP-10) or as it is officially titled the NAESB Energy Usage Information Model. PAP-10 details the standards for the type of information that will be collected through the Smart Grid.

Here is a list of SOME of the information that is to be collected through the Smart Grid as apart of that “Required Business Standard”:

** CO2 created by your Energy Use
** Electricity, Gas Use and Current Rates
** Refuse (trash) and Sewerage Use
** TV Licence Use
** Internet Use

Read the whole thing and prepare yourself to be monitored.

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