Pakistani Officials Still Insist One of Bin Laden’s Sons Captured by Navy SEALs

Hamza Bin Laden, 20, seen here aged 14, may have escaped capture or was taken by the US SEALs during the raid. (Telegraph)

Pakistani news reported last week that the US took one of Osama’s son back with them alive.
Via Dawn:

Osama bin Laden’s teenage daughter witnessed her father’s death in the compound in Abbottabad according to an ISI official. The girl is now in Pakistani custody together with Bin Laden’s wife. The wife, who speaks only Arabic and who was injured in the attack, said on regaining consciousness that she was Yemeni and that she had been in the compound for a few months.

The official said there were 17 or 18 people in the compound at the time of the attack and that as well as taking Osama bin Laden’s body away the Americans took one person alive — possibly one of his sons.

Four dead bodies were left in the compound. It is believed they are of another son, 2 brothers and a guard.

Today Pakistani officials repeated the claim.
ABC reported:


One of Osama bin Laden’s sons went missing in the midst of the Navy SEAL raid that took the life of the al Qaeda leader more than a week ago, Pakistani security officials told ABC News today.

The officials said bin Laden’s three wives, who are all in Pakistani custody, said that one of bin Laden’s sons has not been seen since the raid. The son has not been identified, but Pakistani investigators agreed that it appeared someone was missing from the sprawling compound, the officials said.

U.S. officials said that one of bin Laden’s sons, Khalid, was killed in the raid. It is not known if another son, Hamza, was in the compound at the time of the raid, though his mother is reportedly one of the wives in custody. The U.S. has denied the SEALs took anyone from the compound other than bin Laden’s body.

More from the Telegraph:

Hamza, thought to be the youngest of the Saudi-born warlord’s sons, has been described as the “crown prince of terror”. He featured on an extremist website to mark the third anniversary of the July 7 London bombings in which 52 people died. He read a poem called for “destruction” of America, Britain, France and Denmark.

Intelligence agencies believe he was being groomed as a possible future leader on al-Qaeda.

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