Muslim Mob Chucks Rocks at Peaceful Christian Sit-in Protesters

Egyptian Coptic Christians stop a man trying to throw a stone during clashes in front of the state television building where they protest recent attacks on Christians and churches in Cairo, Egypt, Sunday, May 15, 2011. Egypt’s top Christian leader called on his followers Sunday to end a weeklong sit-in in front of a government building on the Nile after a mob attacked the Christian protesters and their supporters, injuring 67. (AP/Khalil Hamra)

More than a 100 angry Muslims attacked a peaceful Christian sit-in protest.
FOX News reported:

An angry mob attacked a group of mainly Christian protesters demanding drastic measures to heal religious tension amid a spike in violence, leaving 65 people injured, officials said Sunday.

The Christian protesters have been holding their sit-in outside the state television building in Cairo for nearly a week following deadly Christian-Muslim clashes that left a church burned and 15 people dead.

More than 100 people rushed into the sit-in area, lobbing rocks and fire bombs from an overpass and charging toward the few hundred protesters sleeping in the area. Vehicles were set on fire and fires burned in the middle of the street.

Police and army troops fired in the air to disperse the crowd, and a tree was set on fire under the overpass.

The security official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media, said the attackers had returned to avenge an earlier scuffle with the protesters who prevented a motorist from going through the area. A fight ensued, and the motorists fired blank rounds. The protesters chased the motorist and beat him badly.

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