Muslim Mob Attacks Christian Church in Cairo – 6 Dead (Video)

Arab Spring.
A Muslim mob attacked a Christian Church in Cairo tonight. 6 people were killed and the church was torched.

Hundreds of Muslims stood around outside the church and recorded the event with their phones.


Six people were killed and 120 injured in sectarian clashes outside a church in Cairo on Saturday, officials said.

An angry group of Muslim Salafists attacked the Saint Mena Coptic Orthodox Church. They were upset over reports of a woman being held against her will after allegedly converting to Islam.

“With my own eyes I saw three people killed and dozens injured,” said Mina Adel, a Christian resident. “There’s no security here. There’s a big problem. People attacked us, and we have to protect ourselves.”

Egyptian Interior Ministry spokesman Alla Mahmoud said in a statement that six people were killed and 120 injured in the violence.

Authorities sent soldiers and police to help secure the area.

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