LSU Leftist Given the OK to Torch US Flag on Campus Today

A Louisiana State University student was given permission to torch the US flag on campus today at noon.
He is holding his protest in solidarity with a loon who stole the US flag on campus last week and torched it.

Benjamin Haas will torch the US flag today at LSU.
Gee, you think he’s a leftist?

reported, via Free Republic:

Benjamin Haas, communication studies graduate student, will burn an American flag tomorrow at noon on the Parade Ground as part of a peaceful protest, according to Cody Wells, Student Government president.

Wells said Haas is exercising his First Amendment right to burn the flag. The burning comes nearly a week after Isaac Eslava was taken into custody after cutting down and burning the American flag flying over the War Memorial and stealing the University flag.

Wells said Haas went through University procedure to host tomorrow’s protest, and he also went through the procedure to organize a “peaceful assembly in response to recent flag burnings.”

“We’re going to respect his First Amendment right to burn our American flag,” Wells said.

He added he and others will then “exercise our own First Amendment rights” by holding their own ceremony.

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