Police Arrest Leftwing US Flag Burner – Frogmarch Him in Cuffs From Campus (Video)

Yup…That’s him.

Isaac Eslava was upset over Bin Laden’s death so he cut down the US flag on campus and torched it.

Police found the LSU flag and drug paraphernalia in the stolen car that student Eslava was driving.
WWLTV reported:

An LSU student wanted as a suspect in connection with the damage of the school’s war memorial, which included the burning of an American flag, has turned himself in to school police, according to the university.

Isaac Eslava, 23, a resident of Baton Rouge was being sought for two counts of simple damage to property, one count of arson, one count of theft and one count of resisting an officer.

Eslava holds dual citizenship for the United States and Colombia. During the early morning hours of May 2, the LSU War Memorial was damaged. The flag mast rope was cut down, the United States flag set afire and the LSU flag stolen. An LSU staff member alerted LSU Police, who responded to the area. LSU Police located the suspect nearby, but was unable to detain him.

During this initial response, police recovered a stolen vehicle, which was used by the suspect. The LSU flag was recovered from inside of the vehicle along with drug paraphernalia, a clothing item belonging to the suspect, and red and black spray paint.

LSU Police Detectives later identified the suspect and recovered the knife suspected to have been used to cut the rope. The knife still had flag mast rope fibers along the blade. Detectives also learned that on the same morning The Venue Apartments located north of campus were vandalized by graffiti using red and black spray paint and were able to connect the suspect to the crime.

The campus released video of the leftwing freak’s arrest.

He could have at least bathed for his big day in front of the cameras.


Today another leftwing freak is burning an American flag in solidarity with Eslava.

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