Leftist Mouthpiece Chris Matthews Compares Pro-American Cartoons to Mao Propaganda

Let’s face it… Just like the post-American president,, the left is against anything pro-American.


Chris Matthews yesterday complained that the pro-American cartoons produced by Mike Huckabee were like Mao propaganda.
Via NewsBusters:

Former Arkansas Governor and possible 2012 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has produced a cartoon series that offers a decidedly conservative alternative to the typical liberal bilge that kids are inundated with on TV and in schools across the nation and Chris Matthews is not happy about it.

On Thursday’s Hardball Matthews played a clip from the kids show that featured an animated Ronald Reagan imparting some inspiring words to the children, after which the MSNBC host railed: “that’s right from a Cambodian re-education camp or it’s chairman Mao’s little red book. What propaganda!”

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