Jerusalem Post Rips Obama For Siding With Hamas-Fatah Alliance Over Israel

The Jerusalem Post blasted Barack Obama over his stunning announcement last week showing his support for the Hamas-Fath alliance over the Jewish state.

These four articles were posted slamming Obama’s anti-Isreal positions, via Free Republic.

Analysis: Obama’s land swap surprise

Perhaps the most stunning element of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s Washington trip is the degree to which he was surprised – again – by US President Barack Obama.

For all the clarification Obama made during his Sunday speech to AIPAC of what he really meant by saying last Thursday that Israel should withdraw to the 1967 lines with mutually agreed-upon land swaps, in the final analysis Netanyahu didn’t see this coming. He was taken completely by surprise – something that accounts both for his furious phone call with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just before Obama delivered the Thursday speech, and for his harsh response to the speech, which set a nasty tone for the visit before it even got underway.

Obama embraces a lie

Obama’s diversionary tactics

Obama’s Jackie Mason moment

President Barack Obama’s speech at AIPAC on Sunday could almost have been a Jackie Mason standup.

It turns out that when the president said last Thursday that Israel should return to its 1967 borders, it wasn’t exactly what he meant.

“Who said I was referring to 1967 borders? I meant 1867…. And even 1867, I didn’t mean CE, I meant BCE! And why did you assume I was talking about Israel’s borders? I was talking about French Guyana!”

The leading Israeli paper is obviously not happy with Obama’s latest betrayal.

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