This Had to Hurt… Sarah Palin Lectures Obama on His Anti-Israel Plans Too (Video)

Netanyahu wasn’t the only one offering history lessons…
Sarah Palin was on with Justice Jeanine Pirro last night to discuss Obama’s lethal plans to destroy the Holy Land.
Sarah Palin also lectured Obama on the importance of Israel.

Sarah Palin:

I was happy that Prime Minister Netanyahu really stood his ground and tried to explain to our president that we’re flirting with disaster in not defending Israel. And, anyone who studies history, studies the Old Testament and studies geography understands that Israel now is surrounded by enemies at all times. Andi it should be that now America takes a stand to defend our friends in Israel… 

We’re flirting with disaster with President Obama’s very cloudy, very murky policy as it applies to Israel.

…America is on the wrong side on this issue and that’s what the Israeli Prime Minister on Friday tried to explain to our president even though our president tried to lecture Prime Minister Netanyahu on the meaning of the importance of peace. Netanyahu does not need to be lectured by President Obama on peace he understands it.

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