Israel Says It Has Video of Lebanese Troops Firing on Protesters But Won’t Release It

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are holding video of Lebanese troops firing on Nakba protesters during yesterday’s protests. The IDF decided it was better to take the international blame and disdain for the dead protesters than to release the video and embarrass the Lebanese forces(?)
It’s sort of like listening to Obama’s nonstop pretzel logic.

To give the IDF some credit… They did release video of the Islamic radicals taking cover behind an ambulance as they attacked Israeli soldiers.

The Jerusalem Post reported:

Despite accusations that the IDF killed 10 Lebanese protesters on Sunday, Israel has decided not to release a video which shows the Lebanese Army opening fire at the demonstrators.

The video was taken by the IDF of the area just north of the town of Avivim, where hundreds of Palestinian refugees gathered on Sunday to participate in Nakba Day demonstrations against Israel. At one point, a group of the protesters rushed to the border but were pushed back by soldiers from the Lebanese Armed Forces.

IDF soldiers also opened fire at the legs of some of the protesters who managed to penetrate the LAF perimeter and reach the border fence. Lebanese media reported that 10 people were killed. But senior IDF officers said on Monday that it was likely that most of the dead were killed by the LAF gunfire.

The decision not to release the video was made during consultations between the IDF and the Prime Minister’s Office, both of which were concerned that its release to the public could embarrass the LAF, and in turn deter the Lebanese army from responding aggressively the next time protesters try to storm the border.

The quality of the video was also said to be poor.

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