HUNDREDS STOP FLAG BURNING AT LSU – Chuck Water Balloons & Bottles at Far Left Protester (Video)

HUNDREDS of protesters stopped a far left student from torching the US flag today at LSU.

Hundreds showed up to protest the burning of the flag. Here, one guy shows his love of the flag in many forms. (WAFB)

The counter protesters were not too happy with the young leftist.

Thank you to Brandon for the pic.

Hundreds turned out to confront the leftist freak.


Hundreds of patriots chucked water balloons and water bottles at a far left student today at LSU before he could torch the US flag.
WAFB reported:

Several hundred people gathered on the LSU campus today and effectively stopped an LSU grad student from burning an American flag on campus.

The student announced Tuesday that he intended to burn the flag. The announcement set off a wave of angry protests on Facebook and talk radio stations.

As the student approached the Parade Grounds at LSU Wednesday, students chanted “USA! USA!”. One man yelled “My brothers died for you!”.

Several people tossed water balloons and water bottles at the man. The graduate student was then escorted away by LSU Police. The flag burning did not occur.

More… Here’s another video from the counter protest today:

UPDATE: The Hayride has a good water balloon shot.

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