Her Royal Liberal Highness Judge Sumi Strikes Down WI Union Bill Again

She’s at it again…
Activist judge Maryann Sumi issued a temporary restraining order on the Wisconsin Republican union bill in March.

Maryann Sumi
1998 – Current

Today she did it again.
Far left activist Judge Maryann Sumi once again struck down the legislative union bill this morning.
The Oshkosh Hub reported:

A Wisconsin judge has struck down a law taking away nearly all collective bargaining rights from most state workers.

Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi ruled Thursday that Republican legislators violated Wisconsin’s open meetings law during the run up to passage. She says that renders the law void.

The law pushed by Gov. Scott Walker takes away all bargaining rights except over base salary for teachers and other public workers.

The decision is not the end of the legal fight. The state Supreme Court has scheduled arguments for June 6 to determine whether it will take the same case.

Lawmakers could also pass the law again in order to nullify open meeting concerns that led to the judge’s ruling Thursday.

As noted previously, Judge Sumi’s son is an AFL-CIO activist.

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