Glenn Beck Meets With Prime Minister Netanyahu in Israel …Update: Beck Says “Israel Is Being Set Up”

FOX News host Glenn Beck met with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for Israeli Independence Day today.
The Jerusalem Post reported:

US TV personality visits Israel; Danon: He has proven himself to be a true friend of Israel who is willing to speak out when so many are often silent. Fox News television personality Glenn Beck, visiting Israel in honor of Independence Day, was scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday.

Beck was expected to visit the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on Tuesday, accompanied by Likud MK Danny Danon.

The Blaze has more on Glenn’s surprise trip to Israel.

If you were listening to Glenn on the radio Friday morning, you may have heard him say something curious right at the end of the program. He asked listeners to pray for him over the weekend. He promised he would be praying for the listeners in return.

Now we are learning more about the motivation behind the request.

Glenn is in Israel right now.

Over the next few days we’ll be learning more and more about the reasons why.

Beck has been talking a great deal about Israel lately, particularly his concern that “Israel is being set up”:

Beck told his audience on Friday that Israel was being “set up.”

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