Figures. Defeated 2010 Dems Gave Staffers Huge Bonuses Before Leaving Office


Figures. Before the defeated democrats left Washington DC last year after fleecing the public with irresponsible policies they gave their staffers huge bonuses – nearly double what returning lawmakers paid their staffers.
The LA Times reported, via The Blaze:

Even as deep federal budget cuts loomed at the end of last year, members of Congress from both parties paid taxpayer-funded bonuses to their staffs.

Overall, House members spent about $21.5 million more on their office payrolls for the fourth quarter of 2010, when bonuses are traditionally paid, than they spent for the average of the three previous quarters, according to LegiStorm, a Washington group that tracks congressional pay.

Defeated and retiring lawmakers paid an average bonus of about $4,000. Returning lawmakers paid an average $2,300, the group found.

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