Beware: Dems Organize More Astroturf Mobs to Disrupt GOP Town Halls This Week

Last month democrats sent shrieking far left radio hosts, union thugs, and dem officials to disrupt GOP town halls. Then the far left websites pushed the dishonest claim that we were witnessing a “grassroots” uprising against GOP policies. Of course, the democrat-media complex carried their water despite the fact that it was completely bogus.

The hecklers and goons were sent to the town halls by, unions and DCCC.

Far left Former Air America radio host Nicole Sandler was arrested heckling Rep. Allen West at a town hall event in Florida.

This week the far left wants to do it again.
The New York Times reported, via FOX Nation:


Members of the House are back home in their districts this week, and in the case of some Republicans, protesters are along for the ride.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has 20 Republican-held Congressional districts in its sights this week, hitting voters with automated phone calls denouncing the House Republican plan to revamp the nation’s Medicare program, and arming those who want them with signs to protest at town hall meetings across the country.

A Web site sponsored by the campaign committee lists town hall meetings scheduled to be held by Republicans, mostly freshmen, during the week. The group encourages voters to show up — as many did during the Easter recess — to protest or ask pointed questions of the members about their plan for Medicare, which would convert the program into one that subsidizes future retirees in private insurance plans.

By focusing on town hall meetings and the automated phone calls, Democrats are particularly hopeful that they will be able to spook members in districts with lots of older voters, like Florida and even Arizona, where Republicans are in firm control through much of the state. But the committee’s focus is in districts where both President Obama and Senator John Kerry, the party’s nominee in 2004, prevailed in their White House runs.

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