Communist Party USA: Cuba Should Send a SEAL Team to Washington DC

(The US Report)

The Communist Party USA thinks it’s about time Cuba sent a SEAL team to Washington DC to take out a few officials… Because America is the real terrorist nation.
The People’s World reported, via P/Oed Patriot:

Was the killing of Osama bin Laden justified? Perhaps it’s a rather useless question, since he is now most certainly dead. But despite their distance in time and space, some recollections insist on recurring, right next to terrible images of those two planes and the huge buildings collapsing in New York 10 years ago…

…Those mainly responsible for the Bay of Pigs invasion, then CIA Director Allen Dulles and two presidents who approved the action, Eisenhower and Kennedy, are no longer alive.

But I learned as a kid that “sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.” Wouldn’t Cuba have been justified (or still be justified today) in “taking out” the organizers of the plane bombing – Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch Avila – by sending in a Cuban equivalent of SEAL Team 6?

The two were never holed up in some cave or secret mansion but have been enjoying carefree lives in Florida, with court decisions preventing their extradition to Venezuela, where they were once sentenced, or to Cuba where, it was said, they “might be tortured.” (This time the reference was not to the U.S. Army base at Guantanamo.)

Posada Carriles, after being acquitted of minor immigration violations, is completely free. Bosch, referred to years ago by a U.S. expert as “one of the deadliest terrorists in the hemisphere,” was officially amnestied years ago by – guess who – President George H.W. Bush, who just happened to be CIA Director at the time of the plane bombing.

The thought is mind-boggling! Would Cuba be justified in sending some kind of helicopter over to Washington to “take out” the top people responsible for such Cuban events? Let’s not even think of Chile, Congo, Vietnam, Grenada, Iraq, Afghanistan or all the others.”

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