British Press Pans Obama’s Empty TelePrompter Speech to Parliament

In the end, not even the TelePrompters could win over the British press…

President Barack Obama speaks to members of British Parliment while The Lord Speaker Baroness Hayman (R) listens inside Westminster Hall in London, May 25, 2011. (REUTERS/Larry Downing)

The Brits panned Obama’s empty speech today to Parliament.
The Telegraph reported:

The pictures were better than the words…

Perhaps Mr Obama was smothered also by his audience, which remained stubbornly unresponsive. For most of the time the President had nothing to bounce off: no applause and certainly no shouts of praise or blame as might be heard in an American church or at an American political rally.

The presidential text sounded as if it had been worked on so hard and conscientiously by a vast team of helpers that it had lost all savour, and been reduced to a series of orotund banalities, of the sort which can be heard at every tedious Anglo-American conference: “Profound challenges stretch out before us…the time for our leadership is now…Our alliance will remain indispensable.”

It did not help to hear Mr Obama assert, after only a minute or two, that “fortunately it’s been smooth sailing” between Britain and the United States “ever since” 1812, when we burned down the White House. Everyone present will have been able to think of occasions when this was not so. Suez did not seem like plain sailing.

Applause did break out when Mr Obama observed that “it’s possible for the sons and daughters of former colonies” to sit as Members of Parliament, and for “the grandson of a Kenyan who served as a cook in the British Army to stand before you as the President of the United States”.

Of course, Obama had to talk about himself… Even in front of the British Parliament.


At least, now they know firsthand what we’ve been suffering through these past three years. Empty words and far left failed policies.

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