Bill O’Reilly: We Demand a Statement From FBI on Weinergate By Tomorrow’s Show (Video)

Bill O’Reilly told his viewers tonight that he will demand that the FBI offer a statement to his show tomorrow on the Weinergate “hacking” incident.

His panelists tonight did not believe Weiner’s claim that his twitter account was hacked.

Bill O’Reilly:


If a hacker is coming in and able to breach security of a sitting Congress person, it’s a big deal. I don’t care what picture’s involved… I want the FBI to tell the American public, and tomorrow I’m going to insist, what they’re doing about this… Even if he doesn’t file, it’s at the level now that the FBI has to come in and clarify. Tomorrow with all due respect Mr Muller, the head of the FBI, we want a statement from you. With all due respect.

Reminder: We (Gateway Pundit Truth Alliance) are offering a $200 reward to anyone who offers information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the Weinergate penis hacker.

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