AZ Rancher: Illegals Have Set 11 Fires in the Last 3 Years

In a recent article that is making the rounds this week, Arizona Rancher Ed Ashurst claims that 11 fires in the past 3 years were set by illegal aliens.

The Horseshoe Fire #2 near the New Mexico border has burned over 2,000 acres in the Chiricahua Mountains near Portal, Arizona.

The Tucson Citizen

Ed Ashurst is a rancher who lives over by the Chricahua Mountains in eastern Arizona. Here is a commentary he wrote on Sunday May 15th about the huge fire that is burning down the countryside over there:

There Are No Cool Heads in Portal
By Ed Ashurst

Irregardless of which side of the political spectrum you reside, Portal, Arizona is a beautiful place. Located in the mouth of Cave Creek on the eastern slope of the Chiracahua Mountains, it is not much more than a hole in a road, which continues west to the town of Paradise, and eventually ascends to the top of the mountain at a campground located at a spot called Rustler Park. The small populace of Portal is partially made up of retirees, wealthy enough to own a piece of the pricey land; not a few who could be described as liberal academics. A short distance up the canyon is The Southwest Research Station of The Museum of Natural History. This area, and the Chiracahua range as a whole, is the best example of neo-tropical bird habitat in the United States. It is the home of: the greater and lesser long-nosed bat, the famous trogon, the so-called “endangered” spotted owl, and hundreds of other rare species. It is bird watcher’s paradise. It is burning down.

About a week ago, what is now being called Horseshoe Fire #2 was started by illegal aliens in the area of Burro Springs near the headwaters of Horseshoe Canyon. Border Patrol agents tracked four aliens to the very start of the fire. The first Forest Service fire fighters to arrive at the site observed the same tracks. Horseshoe Fire #1 was started near the same spot almost exactly a year ago, also ignited by illegal aliens. In the last 3 years alone no less than 11 fires have been started by illegal aliens in the Chiracahua Mountains and the adjacent Peloncillo Mountains. No less than 120 thousand acres have burned. The cost to the American taxpayers to fight these fires is nearing $70 million. The U.S. Forest Service itself admitted that Horseshoe Fire #1 cost in excess of $10 million to fight.

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