Awful. Obama Stalled for 5 Months Before Shaping Plan to Get Bin Laden

Now we know…
In every emergency Barack Obama has encountered since being in the spotlight he has delayed action for several days until the crisis resolves itself or until he is forced to act. We saw this with the 2008 financial crisis, the Russian attack on Georgia, the Iranian revolution, the Libyan crisis, etc. The assault on Bin Laden’s compound was no different.

Obama in the Situation Room

Barack Obama took 5 months, from August 2010 until January 2011, before he brought a team together to shape a plan to get Osama Bin Laden. This was after he knew in August the Bin Laden was hiding in the Abbottabad compound.

From Barack Obama’s interview with 60 Minutes, via Business Insider.


STEVE KROFT: When was that when you set that plan in motion?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, they first came to me in August of last year with evidence of the compound. And they said that they had more work to do on it, but at that point they had enough that they felt that it was appropriate for us to start doing some planning. And so from that point on we started looking at the time what our options might be.

The vigorous planning did not begin until early this year. And obviously over the last two months it’s been very intensive in which not only did an action plan get developed, but our guys actually started practicing being able to execute.

So Obama took 5 months before he put together a vigorous plan to kill or capture Bin Laden?
It’s a good thing the state-run media is in the tank for this guy.

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