Federal Judge Rules Jared Loughner Incompetent To Stand Trial For Tucson Shootings

An Arizona judge ruled today that Jared Loughner is incompetent to stand trial for the January 8 shootings in Tucson that killed six people and wounded Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and 12 others.

Doctors say he is schizophrenic.
The Arizona Daily Star reported –

Jared Loughner is incompetent to stand trial, a federal judge decided today.

A psychologist and psychiatrist both found Loughner unable to help in his own defense or understand the proceedings.

Doctors say he is schizophrenic.

U.S. District Judge Larry A. Burns said doctors report Loughner is unable to help with his defense because of his irrational distrust of lawyers.

He doesn’t understand the system and the role played by everyone, doctors said in their reports.

Loughner doesn’t think he can get a fair trial because of a conspiracy, the judge was told by doctors.

He will be hospitalized for no more than four months to see if he can be restored to competency.

The evaluators found that Loughner, 22, had been developing serious mental illness for the past two to three years. Hearing this, his parents sobbed.

Loughner was removed from the court hearing earlier after an outburst.

It was difficult to understand his first sentence, but some people heard him say “Thank you for the freak show.” Others heard him saying thank you for the free pill or kill.

But then he said: “She died in front of me.” It was unclear who he was referring to.

Loughner then shouted “You’re treasonous!” Two deputy marshals grabbed him and hustled him out a side door.

After being asked by the judge if he wanted to remain in the courtroom or watch the proceedings on TV, Loughner said he wanted to watch it on TV.


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